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Digitise your enterprise together with PROF-IT GROUP

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a social network of smart, connected assets of an enterprise and corporate systems. Using the technologies of the Industrial Internet of Things and Big Data, manufacturers can increase output, liquidate surplus stock, and cut costs.

New prospects for manufacturing companies

Optimisation of internal processes
Industrial IoT solutions supplemented by Big Data capabilities can be used for dispatching and checking the operating statuses of manufacturing lines. As a result, a company reduces downtime and improves the overall equipment efficiency (OEE).
Service quality improvement
Using data from sensors makes it possible to monitor output product indicators in the real time mode. Optimise maintenance processes by means of product parameter monitoring and swift elimination of potential defects.

Transformation of manufacturing and business
The main source of income for manufacturing companies is based on the output product sales, while using IIot and Big Data may dramatically change the currently applied approaches — it may help enter new markets and obtain additional profit.

IIoT for dispatching and asset management

Control of the manufacturing process ensures monitoring of the performance and manufacturing line statuses. Increase your efficiency, maximise your equipment lifetime, improve you manufacturing quality.

The solution includes capabilities for online control of the performance, convenient templates for information output and KPIs that you can configure in accordance with your objectives. 

You can use this solution for remote monitoring of physical assets in the real time mode, detect anomalies automatically, and receive signals of potential deviations from standard values in a timely manner. 

Its key effects are reduction of unscheduled downtime, as well as swift detection and elimination of malfunctions by collecting data from sensors. 

Our recommendations when implementing the Industrial Internet of Things

Think globally
Lay a foundation for a single digital ecosystem of your enterprise using IIoT and Big Data. The solutions we are using can be easily integrated with the existing IT landscape of the enterprise.
Start small
Even one sensor that costs several thousand roubles can save hundreds of thousands roubles. The first implementation results become evident several weeks after the launch date.

Scale your solution swiftly
We use the platform that supports on-the-fly scaling of the solution. Reach your results quickly and expand your solution based on the changing business requirements. 

The PROF-IT GROUP portfolio includes the following solutions:

IIoT platform
IIoT platform
Manufacturing Apps - Digital assistants
Manufacturing Apps - Digital assistants
Kepware (Industrial Connectivity)
Kepware (Industrial Connectivity)