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ESM (Document Flow)

The key function is automation of the Enterprise Content Management (ECM), electronic document flow management

This type of systems includes the enterprise content formalising, sorting, and translating into the electronic form. Most often, the content consists of electronic documents (contracts, orders, requests, instructions, etc.), events, and meetings. The content is managed by means of processes (regulated or not).

A simple example of a process: Creation –> Approval –> Signature –> Registration -> Implementation.

We focus on large companies with multiple complicated and variable processes.

Our goal is to optimise and automate business processes for such companies.

Our most ambitious task is to build a process so that the user is just a process initiator, while the system does everything autonomously regardless of the intermediate result, release the customer employees from paper documents.

We automate not only and not just the document flow, but internal corporate processes related to the content.
Create a system that will make the work of each user simpler.

Master Data Management (MDM)

  • Reference data management;

  • Management of requests for adding/modifying MDM objects;

  • Alignment of reference data attributes;

  • Setting up classifiers, groups, technical feature lists and their acceptable values;

  • Initial data consolidation and normalising (including search for copies and linking them, creating reference master data objects, creating links to auxiliary objects or reference data, as well as to linked MDM objects);

  • Initial synchronisation of master data used by all data systems of an enterprise;

  • Keeping MDM up to date, as well as maintenance of a database of technical standard documents.

The solution enables to create a single system for master data management for an enterprise. Furthermore, full cycle of procedures is supported for transferring MDM objects from manufacturing and accounting systems of the company to a single MDM system.

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)

Getting the best together: IT infrastructure management based on the best ITIL practices and capabilities of the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform

The 1C:ITIL solution (Enterprise Information Technology Management PROF) is developed based on the ITIL library v.3 that describes the latest practices in the area of IT service management, as well as the 1C:Enterprise 8 technological platform.

Integration with 1C accounting and management solutions and a series of technical tools, for example, IP-PBX, adds functionality and considerably facilitates employees' collaboration within the common information environment and common databases. The entire functionality of the solution is available via web interface, including mobile devices.

1C:ITIL Enterprise Information Technology Management PROF is designed to improve the efficiency of enterprises operating in the following areas: 

  • IT consulting,

  • System integration,

  • Service desk,

  • as well as enterprises in any industry whose successful operation mainly depends on well-coordinated and smooth operation of the IT infrastructure.

1C:ITIL Enterprise Information Technology Management PROF is an integrated solution for creating and automating the IT management system. The solution is adapted to specific corporate business processes at the user settings level. At the same time, no modifications are required in the configuration code resulting in lower implementation and support costs.

The efficient operation of an IT division using 1C:ITIL Enterprise Information Technology Management PROF may become a competitive advantage and the basis for business development and growth.

Development with the use of 1C-Bitrix

Do not be restricted by the functionality of your current systems. The efficiency of your investment in technology depends on the compliance of IT solutions with your company objectives. Focusing on your business needs may play crucial role in achieving the result.

PROF-IT GROUP offers full adaptation of 1C-Bitrix design and functionality to your company needs. We will study your objectives and offer a convenient solution.

The solution for the development of:



 Online stores 

Development of unique websites. Full development cycle: from domain name registration to hosting the website
Creation of portals convenient for you and your users. Selection of optimal services and classification, integration with databases.
Online store development based on 1C-Bitrix to meet high functionality and productivity requirements.

The PROF-IT GROUP solution includes:

Creating any forms and interfaces by the web designer depending on your choice:
  • Creating a template for all pages;
  • Widget development;
  • Creating topic-based pages for events, campaigns, holidays, memorable dates, etc.

Analysis of your corporate activities, description of business processes, and their adaptation in 1C-Bitrix:
  • Detailed description of the functionality;
  • Creating section schemas;
  • Development of integration plans for other systems and software.

Adaptation of the 1C-Bitrix 24 mobile application:
  • Creating proprietary modules for the mobile application;
  • Modification of the application interfaces and functionality;
  • Creating gateways to other applications.

Integration of 1C-Bitrix with other IT systems. For example, with the following systems:
  • 1C:Accounting;
  • 1C:Payroll and HR Management;
  • Mail services;
  • Active Directory;
  • SMS provider services;
  • Telephony;  
  • Delivery systems;
  • Payment systems;
  • Online cash desks.

Configuration of web analytics and marketing modules:
  • Connection of the statistics module;
  • Installation of analytical systems: Yandex Metrika; Google Analytics; Facebook Pixel, etc.;
  • Setting up reporting forms and graphs;
  • Configuring target actions;
  • Creating campaigns, coupons, and special offers;
  • Installation of conversion scripts (Callback, Calltracking);
  • Setting up the online consultant.

Technical support of the solution:
  • System monitoring;
  • Elimination of user error results in the database;
  • Removal of system errors resulting from the system operation or based on the software developer recommendations;
  • Software updates and module configuration after the updates;
  • Backup copying;
  • User manual creation and training;
  • Consulting the users (first — second — third line of support);
  • Granting access rights and role changes.
Development of the system functionality:
  • Business process automation (requests, forms and files for completion, electronic approval and signoff for documents);
  • Sale mechanism development (cart, campaigns, showrooms, coupons, special offers, cash-back);
  • Development of navigation and e-libraries of documents;
  • Creating modules for communication (feedback forms, forums, social media integration);
  • Integration and automated use of product and service catalogues;
  • Creating visualisation modules for reporting data, diagrams, and graphs (organisational structure, premises plans);
  • Creating data search modules;
  • Accelerating the website — creating data caching modules.

The steps of our work

Why clients trust us

More than just web design

Holistic approach to projects 

Tried and tested methodology  

Our projects for creating web resources for our customers are not just web design and publishing. We are IT specialists and we consider creating a portal or an online store in the context of management and implementation of your internal business processes PROF-IT GROUP has all the required specialists. Our service package may include: audit, design, programming, and maintenance of the created solution in the form of technical support and functionality development  Our methods have been tested in practice. We have implemented and keep maintaining many domestic and international systems operating 24х7 that remain popular among users during their entire lifecycle.

Key clients: