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We are a team of young, ambitious, certified professionals. We build efficient business processes for full-cycle manufacturing management.

Business tasks:

Management of the manufacturing process design
Manufacturing planning and logistics management:
  • Manufacturing planning, master production schedule (MPS);
  • Material resource planning, Material requirements planning (MRP);
  • Manufacturing order management;
  • Intershop management;
  • Capacity requirements planning, rough-cut capacity planning (CRP, RCCP);
  • Launch and output control;
  • Variance analysis.

Warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Master data management for warehouse logistics;
  • Warehouse topology management;
  • Rules for warehouse transaction documenting;
  • Stock receipt at the warehouse;
  • Product shipment;
  • Stock movement;
  • Requirements management;
  • Management of the internal stock movement;
  • Stock labelling management;
  • Incoming inspection of purchased products;
  • Inventory count during the operation;
  • Inventory.

Management of the incoming inspection of purchased products
Maintenance, repair, and overhaul
  • Equipment and best practices accounting;
  • Performance indicator accounting;
  • Technical maintenance and repairs planning;
  • Work order and work management;
  • Integration with other systems (1C: Document Flow; 1C: ERP; MS Project).


  • Project pre-selection (express audit)

  • Implementing business applications with respect to manufacturing planning and manufacturing logistics management

  • Optimisation of manufacturing business processes

  • Business application support

Our advantages:

  • Extensive experience in implementing projects for different kinds (unit production, serial and mass production) and types (project, discreet, and process-based) of manufacturing

  • Mature technology for achieving target results

  • Best practices in the area of business process automation

  • Powerful methodological support, including:

- Master data management and data exchange with PLM/PDM systems

- Management of the technological preparation of the manufacturing process based on PDM and CAD TP systems

- Manufacturing planning management (forward pushing method; backward pulling method, planning with the use of cyclograms) and schedule calculation variants (parallel; serial; priority-based planning; machine load-based planning

- Management of personal protective equipment requirements

- Optimisation of the machine load calculation

- Creation of a spare part-based production programme

- Product batch launch and output management

- Component supply management (Call Button, AutoCall, Sequence);

- Optimisation of the production programme calculations

- Seamless transition from Oracle to 1C in terms of manufacturing management and prime cost calculation

- Per-order operating accounting in accordance with State Defence Orders (SDO)

  • Maximum customer focus and flexible project implementation.

The resulting effect:

Faster decision-making
Faster decision-making
Shorter manufacturing cycle
Shorter manufacturing cycle
Release of premises
Release of premises
Higher inventory turnover ratio and reduction of stock
Higher inventory turnover ratio and reduction of stock
Lower amount of waste and scrap
Lower amount of waste and scrap
Shorter order processing
Shorter order processing
Reduction of errors during order processing
Reduction of errors during order processing
Reduction of labour costs
Reduction of labour costs

Industries that may be interested in this type of content:

Transport and logistic
Transport and logistic
Chemical and petrochemical industry
Chemical and petrochemical industry
Light textile industry
Light textile industry
Extractive industry
Extractive industry
Printing companies, publishing houses, editorial offices
Printing companies, publishing houses, editorial offices
Steel production, metal working
Steel production, metal working
Military-industrial facilities
Military-industrial facilities
Mechanical engineering, instrument development
Mechanical engineering, instrument development

Group of competences related to sales management 

Specialised in the development of information analysis system for large manufacturing enterprises

Our team includes:

  • Certified 1C specialists

  • Functional area experts, methodologists

  • Functional architects

  • Experience business and system analysts

  • Qualified implementators of automated systems

  • Training centre teachers

  • Certified specialists in business process description using various notations

Main areas of activity:

  • Architecture building and master data management automation

  • Business process analysis and individual functional model development

  • Methodological support when selecting and developing a sales management strategy;

  • Automation of distribution processes using systems like ERP, CRM and DMS (1С Enterprise, Infotech, Auto Dealer, Bitrix)

  • Integration architecture creation

  • Automation system support

Tasks solved by the sales automation:

  • No incoming messages lost - analysis, processing, collection of statistics in various analytical dimensions (volume, source, etc.)

  • Centralised storage of the customer relationship history

  • Prevention of losing the customer and deal information in case of the responsible employee dismissal, sick leave, holiday (data are saved in a single database)

  • Dynamic pricing policy update

  • Increase in sales volume using offers based on the smart analysis of demand and preferences

  • Assessment of the marketing activity efficiency and recommendations on its adjustment

  • modelling and quick selection of an optimal variant of the sales strategy

  • Systematising routine operations and reducing working time losses

  • Building a well-coordinated communication scheme in sales processes

  • On-the-fly control of the sales function execution

Purchasing and warehouse management


  • Requirements management

  • Supplier search and selection process

  • Supplier contractual documentation management

  • Supply chain management

  • Supplier relations management

  • Supplier quality management


  • Supply failures due to the absence of relevant information on meeting the requirement regarding each purchasing item

  • Absence of relevant information on meeting a requirement

  • Failure to meet prescribed deadlines for purchasing procedures

  • Failure to meet prescribed deadlines for in-house approvals

  • Subjective approach to supplier selection

  • Absence of relevant information about a supplier during selection and contracting

  • Absence of relevant information about a supplier during selection and contracting

  • Absence of transparent results of purchasing procedures

  • Delayed provision of contractual documents upon requests during audits

  • Absence of latest updates on ordered supplies

  • Non-transparent logistics chain

  • Unavailability of shipping documents prior to the shipment arrival

  • Inconsistent data in case of inappropriate product quality supply

  • Inconsistent process of interacting with suppliers in terms of supplied stock quality issues

Key clients:


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