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Development of corporate, web, and mobile applications

PROF-IT GROUP offers its services for creating unique corporate, web, and mobile applications based on individual requirements of customers. When developing our software products, we use the Scorocode backend platform that saves your resources and speeds up the process of IT solution development by up to 50%.

What we can do

We use Agile, a highly regarded project management methodology. This is a flexible approach to implementation that ensures continuous collaboration between the developer and the customer teams. At the same time, we can create both fully autonomous Agile teams and teams that include your specialists.

Mobile development:
Mobile development:

Objective-C, Swift, Java, iOS SDK, Android SDKWEB

Web development:
Web development:
Node.js, PHP, React, Angular, HTML5/CSS3DESKTOP
MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Desktop development
Desktop development

Net, C/C++

Development of corporate systems

Short lead time   We understand how business works We solve challenging tasks

Thanks to using our proprietary backend platform, we offer short lead time for IT solutions that are comparable with lead times for the implementation of ready products.

Our company has been active in the area of business automation for many years. We know your industry and create products not just for the technology sake; we focus on solving business tasks.

We assist companies in solving creative and challenging tasks and offer unique solutions for situations where the basic functionality of standard out-of-the-box solutions fails.

Mobile applications

Tailored solutions for your business As fast as possible  We will stay within any budget  

We create mobile applications for popular platforms. We can develop a fully autonomous solution for you and integrate the mobile solution in your business system.

We understand the importance of time to market. About 80% of the project implementation time is required for manual backend development. Our minimum time to market for turnkey mobile applications is three weeks.

We can always compromise based on the targets and requests of our customers. Once we have analysed the requirements for the future solutions, we adapt our offers for the customer's budget.

Startup launching

We offer turnkey solutions Let's start right now      You steer

We can assume all responsibility for the planning, design, application development, server hosting and administering, store publication, etc. Meanwhile, you can focus on your business.

We are prepared to start without delay, even if you have no Terms of Reference — the Agile methodology offers a flexible approach to project preparation and implementation. All you need is an idea and your willingness to communicate.

We always welcome customer engagement in creating the future solution — requirement changes are not a problem! At each project phase, you will be able to visualise and control all processes.

Five simple steps from an idea to its implementation


Cooperation models

Fixed price
Payment for the result We will carry out your order at the fixed price and bear responsibility for quality and time frames. The scope of work may include the development only or a full product creation cycle. Project cost is determined by means of expert evaluation of the project documentation or during a project pre-selection meeting. Management and decision-making fall within the scope of our responsibility.
Time and materials
Regular payment for actual hours at a pre-agreed man-hour rate. The Time and Materials cooperation model means that the customer can make design choices since the responsibility for budget and time frames falls within the customer's responsibility. At the same time, the development can be managed both by the customer and the contractor.
Dedicated team
Fixed monthly payment We offer a fully dedicated team of developers, and you can choose the required specialists depending on the project requirements and competencies of our experts. Dedicated Team model of work means that the Customer makes design decisions and manages the development process.