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PROF-IT ERP: MECHANICAL ENGINEERING helps enterprises reach financial, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing targets, ensure high quality of products and sales level.

PROF-IT GROUP is highly proficient in automation of mechanical engineering enterprises on the 1С:ERP basis. We have considerably expanded the typical functionality by universal subsystems that efficiently meet the requirements of customers and reflect the industry business processes.

System capabilities:

  • Shorter time-to-market cycle for products thanks to unification of all enterprise processes into a continuous integrated workflow that is used by various subdivisions.
  • An option to swiftly and easily modify operation of an enterprise depending on the market requirements.
  • Controllability and manageability of business processes. The control is built based on a hierarchical system: starting from the operational level to the level of strategic management.
  • Standardisation of reporting: unification of reporting and statistical data that are required to manage an enterprise.
  • Easy integration with MES and other systems: all the required functionality is easily integrated within PROF-IT ERP: MECHANICAL ENGINEERING making it convenient to manage from a single centre.
  • Common database ensures quick access to the required information, reliable data protection, and archiving.
  • PROF-IT ERP: MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ensures transparent operation of each business unit enabling to improve interaction and build horizontal links between business units.


  • Universal scalable and affordable solution making it possible to avoid vendor lock-in;
  • Out-of-the-box solution with typical models for business processes is implemented up to 2 times faster;
  • Flexible configuration and maximum adaptation to customer requirements: we will add the required functionality upon request;
  • The system is easily configurable and convenient to use — it already includes major business processes for an enterprise of the mechanic engineering industry;
  • Ready-to-use technical and operating documentation;
  • Seamless integration with the system for accounting of manufacturing operations PROF-IT ERP: MECHANICAL ENGINEERING;
  • Full-scale quality management module (QMS) within the system;
  • An option to integrate powerful proprietary solutions PROF-IT:

— «PROF-IT: Direct Printing Server» — Control of the label and form printing.

— «PROF-IT: Reporting Server» — online 1C reports displayed on SMART TVs and in web browsers.

How are PROF-IT GROUP solutions different from the standard 1С:ERP 2.0 system?

Reference data management module

You can use the module to make batch modifications of resource specifications, compare item structures based on their features, and identify non-compliances in specifications. Expanded replacement permission functionality.

The subsystem also takes account of specific features of performance standards in painting processing; accounting of donors, acceptors, and surpluses for extrusion production has been implemented.

Calculation of standard/target prime cost
Powerful and convenient tool for analysing plans and comparing item specifications based on several factors. High speed and precision of the subsystem enables to reduce the duration and improve the quality of calculations.
Manufacturing programme planning
Supports accounting of quotas for item analogues, modifying data of the basic requirement estimation, create instructions for component replacements, analysing and modifying the manufacturing programme.
Estimation of tool requirements
Estimation of tool requirements considering business processes at mechanical engineering enterprises.
Standardisation of personal protective equipment requirements
Standardisation of personal protective equipment guarantees its rational and efficient use and enables to maintain high level of production safety.
Production capacity planning
On-the-fly evaluation of sufficient production capacity, minimisation of downtime caused by insufficient supply of intermediate goods to production facilities, less human errors when calculating daily plans.
Purchase management system
Common information environment for all participants of the purchasing process supports contractual work with suppliers, supplier search and selection, setting purchase quotas, and many other operations.
Dealer and distribution management
The Dealers' Portal is a common information environment for all participants of the process that can be used to create customer production orders and end product delivery orders, as well as process warranty claims.
Quality management (QMS)
  • Incoming quality check for components;
  • Raising claims to suppliers;
  • Recording (input of) production defect data;
  • Warranty claim and work recording;
  • Quality measure recording;
  • Quality feedback.

Solution value

Lower Implementation costs and duration
Lower Implementation costs and duration
Maximum compliance with enterprise requirements
Maximum compliance with enterprise requirements
Ready-to-use technical and operating instructions
Ready-to-use technical and operating instructions
Consolidation of the best project solutions
Consolidation of the best project solutions
Predefined templates for business processes
Predefined templates for business processes