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Organising efficient business trips with ease

Business travel planning and documenting is a process that requires a lot of corporate resources and engaging employees of various departments. Plan your business travel, approve duration and expenses, prepare documents, control accountable receipts flow. All the above requires much time, finance, and employee effort.

We offer our solution that will help you optimise organising business travel for your employees. PROF-IT: Business Travel ensures transparency when preparing for business travel and automation of key tasks related to them: planning, request approval and preparation of reporting.


Manual preparation for a single business travel requires:

  • Dozens of letters

Organising and approving a single business travel for several days even within Russia requires sending dozens of letters and several working hours of the travelling employee and the back office

  • Waste of time 

Organisations with distributed structure waste time when delivering and processing reporting documents. And this time should be multiplied by the number of employees and the number of representative offices and branches

  • Unnecessary expenses 

Supporting the business travel process requires additional payroll expenses — a company must employ surplus staff to perform these tasks

  • Risk of errors

Lack of automated control of business travel expenses may result in losing up to 100% of ticket price in case of late preparation or ticket refund

Business travel in figures 


Automate business travel management

PROF-IT: Business Travel solution is based on the 1C:Enterprise 8.3 software product and provides the following functionality:

  • Automation of the yearly and monthly planning of business travel

  • Creation and approval of travel requests

  • Automated creation and posting of expense reports based on the results of business trips,

  • Collection and storage of analytical reporting in the system,

  • Integration with other corporate IT systems.

This Solution is tailored for

Travelling employees
Travelling employees
Business travel managers
Business travel managers
Accounting departments
Accounting departments
Human resources specialists
Human resources specialists
Financial specialists and auditors
Financial specialists and auditors
Division managers
Division managers

Our customers choose PROF-IT for the following reasons: Business Travel

Precise data on employee business trips
Accurate preparation for business trips and simpler approval process at the same time
Optimised preparation for business trips
Reduction of time and employee effort for preparation of business trips  
Convenient reporting process
Less time required to prepare travel allowance and expense reports
Saving the business travel history
An option to save and track the history of employee business trips — all data within one system
Several transition options
Using a cloud, license purchasing, out-of-the-box implementation, or turnkey projects

Integration with other documents
An option to integrate with 1C: Accounting, 1C: Payroll and Human Resources Management, travel agent solutions

Solution's functionality

Annual and monthly planning:
  • Annual budget planning
  • Monthly budget planning
  • Budget approval by the supervisor and financial service
  • Budget performance monitoring

Approval of business travel requests:
  • Creation and approval of travel requests
  • Preparation for multi-stop business trips
  • Creation of requests for airline ticket and hotel booking
  • Creation of advance payment requests
  • Obtaining travel documents

Approval of business travel reports:
  • Creation and approval of business travel reports
  • Completing the expense report
  • Obtaining and posting reports by the accounting department
  • Downloading expense reports

Analytical reporting:
  • Route log
  • Log of employees leaving for business trips
  • Log of approved requests
  • Reports on the standards of travel, accommodation, transfer service, daily expenses, visa processing fees

Integration options:
  • Integration with human resource management systems
  • Integration with accounting systems
  • Support of mobile devices