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Operational manufacturing control

The MES-system (Manufacturing execution system) is the link between business-oriented ERP systems, supply chain planning solutions and systems responsible for managing production lines and equipment.

PROF-IT MES: Mechanical Engineering is a module system, which includes:

Equipment management module
  • Equipment Management (DCTOOL; Andon; GLONASS; ESP; Air bag)
  • Integration with KUKA robots (transfer of various technological parameters, for example, welding, tightening, assembly, etc.)

Quality management module
  • Registration and control of elimination of non-compliance in production (user-friendly operator interfaces that allow registering and reflecting the elimination of non-compliance as quickly as possible);
  • Accounting for product audits;
  • Accounting for quality activities;
  • Integration with test benches (collection and analysis of data from equipment to detect deviations in product quality parameters);
  • Quality control visualization management.

Process control module
  • Management of production specifications and technological options;
  • Dispatching production (using barcode technology and RFID);
  • Startup sequence management;
  • In-shop logistics management (material flow management);
  • Error Proofing - control of product assembly (according to option, configuration, etc.);
  • Document management (paperless production);
  • Track product history.

Management of production specifications and technological parameters;


Сокращение производственного цикла
Сокращение производственного цикла
Уменьшение объемов незавершенного производства
Уменьшение объемов незавершенного производства
Сокращение объемов бумажных документов в цехе
Сокращение объемов бумажных документов в цехе
Устранение случаев срывов запланированных поставок
Устранение случаев срывов запланированных поставок
Снижение числа дефектов выпускаемой продукции
Снижение числа дефектов выпускаемой продукции

The functionality of PROF-IT MES: Mechanical Engineering includes:

  • Manufacturing specification management;
  • Technological data management;
  • Production dispatching;
  • Manufacturing process management;
  • Document management;
  • Product quality management;
  • Product history tracking.

What makes PROF-IT MES: Mechanical Engineering different?

Quality management module
The solution includes a module for quality management (QMS) that supports functions for defect monitoring and removal, tracking measures relating to quality, and warranty claim management.
Printing and reporting servers
The direct printing server supports printing labels and forms, while the reporting server enables to monitor real-time production processes on a display or in browsers.
Scalability and flexibility
Integration with equipment of a range of manufacturers Can be used on personal computers and mobile terminals, i.e. anywhere within the manufacturing chain.